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Old age is typically known as “the age of loneliness” because the shifts in relationships and social activities that aging brings can instill an isolated feeling. The Atlantic Institute is proud to bring a simple event that you can do with your family that will allow you the opportunity to visit the elderly and provide them with needed social interaction while also having the chance to be more social themselves. 

Especially during this time of year home visits to the elderly help combat this “age of loneliness.” You and your family can bring food or household items to give to the person that you will be visiting. This event can take place any time in December. Just sign up and you will be matched with 1-2 people to visit on your own time.


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There will also be a group visit to an assisted living facility in Greenville. This event is for those of you that might not want to go and visit someone at their residence. We will meet as a group, please bring a board game, deck of cards or craft that you can do with a resident...or offer to read to them, paint their nails or just sit and chat. This is a family friendly activity as well. 


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