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Distinguished Speaker Dr. Ori Z. Soltes

On Wednesday February 26th, the Greenville Atlantic Institute (formerly South Carolina Dialogue Foundation) office hosted Dr. Ori Z. Soltes, Goldman Professorial Lecturer in Theology and Fine Arts at Georgetown University Department of Theology, DC He gave a very fascinating lecture on the historical background of Mr.Fethullah Gulen's connection with Sufism, Plato and Plato's critical thinking . He also discussed the views of Mr Gulen along with these other contemporaries and the similarities between them with regards to their philosophies.

He connected the thinking of Rumi, Ibn-Arabi and Gulen with the common thought of Universal Love for human beings. In about an hours time, Dr. Ori took us on a historical journey up to our modern day. He explained the ongoing political crisis in Turkey and the future possibilities for that country. He also took the time to share how all of these educational institutions established by the people inspired by Mr. Gulen's philosophy are adding positive contributions to the world's peace.