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Historical Reconciliation: The Abraham Slavery Project


On February 20th we listened to Professor Inabinet from Furman University talk about the Historical Reconciliation that Furman University is doing with regards to their history with Slavery. This was quite a discussion to be at. Many times he turned to the audience to communicate with our neighbor next to us about what we were learning and share with eachother our own background and history with regards to slavery. If you aren't aware of the Historical Reconcilation project at Furman, we encourage you to visit their website and see what they are doing and attend any of their events:


About the Speaker:

brandonBrandon Inabinet is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Furman University (with his Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Northwestern). He teaches students to produce public writing, speaking, argumentation, criticism, and advocacy. Inabinet has taken his research concerning rhetoric, from its ancient roots into contemporary practice, into the public sphere. He has theorized ideas about intergenerational audiences regarding sustainability and worked with the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability; ideas about speech and freedom that have empowered his time as President of the AAUP-SC; and ideas about nineteenth century views of economics, civility, and race that inform his work as the co-chair of the Task Force on Slavery & Justice at Furman. His work has appeared in his field’s journals, law reviews, as well as edited volumes and encyclopedias on communication.