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Journey of Faith: An Examination of Pilgrimages

Simpsonville, SC - August 30th

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Atlantic Institute held a special dialogue event at the Five Forks Library on August 30th. Special guests Nancy Kaura from the Sikh faith and Father Patrick Tuttle from the Catholic faith joined Atlantic Institute’s President Akif Aydin to discuss religious pilgrimages. We had a very educational discussion about the locations worshipers went to for pilgrimages, why they take pilgrimages, and what they are seeking during these excursions.

We were surprised and pleased with the turn-out. The audience was well engaged and curious, leading to a rousing Q&A discussion that was very informative. We are excited to host another event like this, and the Five Forks Library was incredibly accommodating. We would like to thank the speakers, attendees, and the staff of Five Forks Library for allowing us the opportunity to expound upon our message of peace. Please stay tuned for more events just like this.




West Columbia, SC - August 29th

faith jWorshipers of the world’s religions participate in pilgrimages to celebrate or deepen their faith. The act of journeying to site of religious importance can be spiritually uplifting and a powerful experience. Pilgrimages can be to holy cities or shrines, the birthplaces of important members of a faith, or locations that defined the history of a faith. Join the Atlantic Institute as we examine pilgrimages of several faiths in this special panel discussion.

Where: CAYCE-WEST COLUMBIA Public Library
1500 Augusta Road West Columbia, SC 29169

When: August 29th, 2018 6:30-9:00 PM