2016 Atlantic Peace & Dialogue Awards Ceremony Charleston

Charleston Marriott- April 27, 2016

The Atlantic Peace and Dialogue Awards Dinner in Charleston was a fantastic evening of Dialogue and Friendship between all who attended.

Michelle Rickertson warmed the audience with her kind words of coming together for peace. College of Charleston president Glenn McConnell was the keynote speaker.

Jennifer Pinckney, wife of slain state Sen. Clementa Pinckney, was honored by the Atlantic Institute in recognition of the service she has rendered to the community since her husband’s death. Family friend Rev. Kylon Middleton was there to accept the award for Mrs.Pinckney.

State Representative Jenny Horne was also recognized with the Peace and Dialogue Award. Rep. Horne was one of many lawmakers who lent their voices to the cause of having the Confederate flag removed from Statehouse grounds after the Emanuel shooting.

The Atlantic Institute also honored members of The Post and Courier. Jennifer Hawes, Doug Pardue, Glenn Smith and Natalie Caula Hauff were all recognized for their Pulitzer Prize winning series on Domestic Violence Till Death Do Us Part.

Lastly the audience was able to enjoy the work of Master Calligrapher Aydin Cayir from Turkey. His calligraphy work is world renowned and all had an opportunity to take home a piece of it for themselves.


We would like to thank our sponsors for this dinner:

Don & Marty Belk

Dr. Antonio Tillis

Colonel Tom Clark

Chaplain Rob Dewey

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