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Atlantic Institute and Intercultural Dialogue Club of Clemson University was honored by having Mr. Mustafa Akyol, a Turkish columnist for two newspapers in Turkey. His articles are also published in international newspapers such as Foreign Affairs, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Herald Tribune. Thanks to our sponsor, Dr. Peter Cohen, there were two events held at the Clemson University. First one was a luncheon among students, professors, and staff of Clemson University at the Philosophy and Religion Department and food was prepared by Turkish families within Clemson. The dialogue was very friendly and attendees had a chance to meet and ask him questions about the political and religious situation of the Middle East nowadays. The program continued with a lecture at the Strom Thurmond Institute on the same day on campus. Over a hundred people filled the auditorium and this time there were not only students and professors from the CU but the public from the Upstate region. Mr. Akyol started his speech with a short video and continued to talk about the transformation of the people who are now radical, extremist not only within Islam but also in other beliefs. Audiences were so interested and many questions have been asked after the talk, but due to time limit he could not able to answer all. There was also a book signing right after the talk. Mustafa Akyol has stayed there for a while to sign his most recent book “Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case or Liberty”. After all, we thank one more time to our sponsors; Dr. Peter Cohen, Strom Thurmond Institute, and Philosophy and Religious Department of CU to make this event happen.