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cre colemanWords will not adequately convey the trip to Turkey. Not only my thoughts, but everybody's thoughts, of Turkey before and after the trip are polar opposite. As was said many times, Turkey is stereotyped by the actions of her neighbors.
Before the trip I thought Turkey was backward in every conceivable way but more importantly I thought Turkey was a source of terrorism that all Americans cannot stand and shy away from. After the visit to Turkey and having interaction with the Turkish people and some in their own homes, it was easy to come to the conclusion that the Turkish people are humble, hard working and very progressive wanting the same thing that Americans want-a country that is clicking on all cylinders, good schools and a safe environment. I felt safe walking down the streets in Turkey. This is what was found in Turkey and I wish them the best of luck in accomplishing their goal of the nation of Turkey moving from fifteenth(15th) to the top ten(10) economically in the world.
Again thank you for a wonderful trip and the interaction with the other people on the trip as well as the Turkish people. I look forward to seeing yall again.