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2015 FLDD

Greenville FLDD 2015


Theme : "Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Ten Years: What Can BE Accomplished?"


On November 12th the Students from Furman University, Greenville Technical College, North Greenville University and St. Joseph's Catholic School gathered together for an informative and enlightening conversation with a panel of Non Profits from the Upstate.

The topic for discussion was, "Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Then Years: What Can BE Accomplished?" and the Panel included Beth Templeton from Our Eyes Were Opened, Ann Wright, the Executive Director from the Upstate Red Cross, Deborah Richardson-Moore Director of the Triune Mercy Center and David White from Fostering Great Ideas.

The presenters shared generously with the students how they have worked to change their world for the better. They described their unique career journeys, fielded career-oriented questions, and helped students think deeply about how to change the world. Conversation at each table was continuous and brisk during the meal, and following the close of the program several students remained behind to continue discussions with the presenters.

We would like to Thank Our Sponsors:

Greenville Technical College Executive Affairs Office

NGU College of Humanities

Furman - Chaplains Office

Furman - Heller Service Corps

St Joseph's Catholic School


Clemson FLDD 2015

Theme : "Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Ten Years: What Can BE Accomplished?"


The Intercultural Dialogue Club of Clemson University and Atlantic Institute gathered a diverse group of students and faculties from different disciplines in their 5th annual Future Leaders of Dialogue Dinner. The event was held on November 10th at the Clyde V Madren Center, Ballroom A, Clemson University. The theme of this year was "Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Ten Years, What Can BE Accomplished?” The students and faculty members had such a great time not only to share a meal but also to share their experiences and opinions through their life's journey. Prepared questions at each table prompted discussion among attendees at each table during the meal. Then, the moderators from each table shared their point of view on the topic of the night. It was a thought-provoking night that yielded lively discussions.

We really appreciate our MC (Master of Ceremonies), Maggie Farrell, The Dean of Libraries, and our speakers; Brianna McEwen, Honors College, and Guneet Bedi, President of Graduate Student Goverment , as well as our remarkable keynote speaker Dr. Barbara Speziale, Associate Director for The Watt Family Innovation Center, for their time and insights that they have shared with us at our Annual Future Leaders Dialogue Dinner. It would not have been such an informative night without their contribution.

We would like to thank our sponsors one more time;

Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Clemson University

Chief Diversity Office, Clemson University

Clemson First Baptist

Clemson Libraries, Clemson University

Creative Inquiry program, , Clemson University

Department of Chemistry, Clemson University

Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Science, Clemson University

Materials Science & Engineering Department, Clemson University

Gantt Multicultural Center, Clemson University

Graduate Student Government, Clemson University

Housing & Dining, Clemson University

John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University

Office of Global Engagement (Study Abroad), Clemson University

Rutland Institute for Ethics, Clemson University



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Columbia FLDD 2015



Spartanburg FLDD 2015

Theme : "Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Ten Years: What Can BE Accomplished?"


On November 5th USC Upstate College of Arts and Sciences Department hosted our 3rd Annual Future Leaders of Dialogue Dinner at the CLC Ballroom.

The Students and Faculty that were there heard from Tim Giles from Hub-Bub, Marlanda Dekine, Dr. Dominique Chuku and Scott Neely...all affiliated with Speaking Down Barriers speak on the topic “Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Then Years: What Can BE Accomplished?”

The buzz of dialogue over the thought provoking questions was energizing. The conversations being had helped you gain a new perspective on how you with others can make a difference in the world – however large or small.

Wouldn’t you like to have a magic wand to create a difference? With that capability comes great responsibility as well.

We would like to thank our Sponsors for making this evening possible:

Chaplain's Office - Converse College

USC Upstate, The College of Arts & Sciences

USC Upstate, The College of Arts & Sciences

USC Upstate , Service-Learning and Community Engagement

USC Upstate, International Studies

USC Upstate, Scholars Academy


Charleston FLDD 2015

Theme : "Ten Days, Ten Weeks, Ten Months, Ten Years: What Can BE Accomplished?"

futureDate:Nov. 16th, 2015
Location: Avery Research Center, College of Charleston, 66 George Street Charleston, SC 29424

We want to thank everyone who took a part in our Charleston Future Leaders Dialogue Dinner 2015, held on November 16th! We had such a wonderful and enriching time. This years theme, “Ten years, ten months, ten weeks, ten years: What can be accomplished?,” was explored deeply through our discussions and through the message of our exceptional speaker, Dr. Patricia Williams Lessane of the Avery Research Center for African American Studies.

Our discussion questions for the evening lead to dialogue on changing the world through things like education, representation and a wider understanding of the cultures around us. Students and faculty from College of Charleston and The Citadel brought great ideas to the table, which led to an atmosphere of curiosity and a willingness to learn about other peoples’ viewpoints.

Our lucky winners of this years State House Trip Raffle were, Rachel Taylor, Jarvis Washington, Logan Fox, Morgan Jackson and Lorraine Russell! We can’t wait to explore the State House with you February 3rd!

This year’s dinner would not have been possible without the help of our generous sponsors, College of Charleston School of the Arts, College of Charleston School of Education, Health and Human Performance, College of Charleston Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services, College of Charleston School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs, College of Charleston Global Business Research Center and The Citadel Department of Political Science. We cannot thank you all enough!

We would also like to thank the Avery Research Center for being such a gracious host and our committee members, Michael Haga, Don Belk and Scott Segrest! Thank you all!