Interactive Panel Discussion on The Civil Rights Movement

civilrightsThe Greenville Office together with the Greenville County Library System presented an event on the Civil Rights Movement in Greenville.

The evening opened with two students from Southside High Schools Speech and Debate team performing a piece called "Strands" By Eric Wilson. They took us through the timeline of African Americans from the Auction block to the Civil Rights Movement and did an excellent job at capturing the audience.

Then our Panelists took their places and discussed their stories, shared their thoughts and opinions and fielded questions from the audience. We would like to thank Mr Mack Lockhart, Mrs Lillian Brock-Fleming and Mr Jimmy Carter for sharing their history with us so that we can learn from them.

Mr Richard Walton MC'd the event for us and shared with us his experiences as well. This event was well attended and many thoroughly enjoyed the performance and discussion.

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