Panel discussion on the nature of ISIS

The panel event at Furman University brought various community leaders together. Mr. Akif Aydin, Atlantic Institute president, Dr. Ahmed Abdeladl from Islamic Society of Greenville, and Dr. Vaughn CroweTipton, the Chaplain and vice president for Spiritual Life at Furman University, were the panelists in the event. Dr. Kadir Yildirim, assistant professor of political science at Furman University, moderated the event with an introduction to the ideology of ISIS. The event aimed at informing the general public about the extremist ideology of ISIS, how it uses religion and terrorism to further its own political agenda. All three panelists agreed on the necessity to condemn atrocities perpetrated in the name of religion. The panel drew its audience of 250 from the student body at Furman University and the broader Greenville community.

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