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Ramadan 2021

The Month of Ramadan:

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast by abstaining from consuming water and food while the sun is out. Iftar - or fast breaking - dinners take place each night once the sun sets. This is an important time not only for those who participate in Ramadan because of their faith but also an important time to share this tradition with friends from different backgrounds over delicious food and through lively conversation. It is truly a special time when people of all backgrounds come together and share in the Iftar experience, learning about different cultures and faiths in the process.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ramadan will look very different again this year. Not only will it continue to be different for the Muslims that are observing this holiday, but also for all of the Non-Muslims that are typically invited as guests to share in the festivities, food, and laughter of the major social aspect of Ramadan. We will continue to hold Zoom Iftar events and have included some that will be taking place around the world. The dates below are confirmed and there will be some added to this list as they are confirmed as well.



April 15th at 7:15pm EST with Dr Akif and Ozge Aydin
April 19th at 7:15pm EST with Yuksel and Elif Sonmez 
April 21st at 7:15pm EST with Jackson Payne 

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