Expanding Your Religious Horizon


On Sept 28th, over 60 people gathered to listen to the panel speak on "Expanding Your Religious Horizons" 
A joint effort between Interfaith Forum and Atlantic Institute, this event brought together the minority religions for us to learn from. 
We would like to thank our Panelists: Dr Parampal Singh Bhullar, a Sikh who is a palliative care physician with GHS; Cathy Jaggars, a Secular Humanist and retired Marine who is an adjust professor at Greenville Tech; Joel Sprague, a Christian Scientist who leads a research laboratory for TRI/Environmental in Anderson; and Cyn Massey, a Baha'i who heads the Woodruff Library in Spartanburg County. 
Each participant spoke about their faith for approximately 10 minutes, then answered questions from the moderator and then questions from the audience. 
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning throughout the evening. 

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